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We administrate and support a large network that serves 19 faculties, 3 institutes and University administration building.

Consisting of approximately 2000 nodes, 9 Core switches and 97 Edge switches in addition to nodes and switches implemented and connected to university official network by faculties that total number of nodes reaches approximately 4000. Other 960 nodes and 93 switches will be added after finishing the third phase of node installation.

We serve about 100,000 people (academic staff members, students, employees etc.)

What we offer

I'm a collage professor, what can you offer to me?

We're collage and PHDs students, what can you offer to us?

  • You can enjoy a WiFi connection in most faculties.
  • Benefit from live@edu
  • Getting exam results online

We're university employees, What can you offer to us?

  • You get a network connection to your office that could include internet access according to you work nature and accessing university application servers.
  • You can have an e-mail account dedicated to Alexandria University.




I run an Organization, administration or a department, What can you offer to me?

  • You get a network connection including internet access to your organization.
  • If your organization has a website, you can get your website hosted in our data center.
  • You can have an e-mail account dedicated to Alexandria University for you, your employees and your organization as well.
  • You can make Video conferences to communicate remotely to any other organization or other central administration
  • You can get IT consultancy to improve you organization IT infrastructure and data solutions to meet your organization daily needs such as extend you existing IT network , cover your organization with wireless connectivity, implement any IT network or software solutions for you organization

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Knowledge Base

In addition to comprehensive documentations in PDF format, you also get support from friendly forum and dedicated support system.

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